Emily Anne McGillicuddy Keifer

Short Films




This is the story of a live-action princess living in a cartoon fairytale world, unable to live up to the impossible beauty achieved by the portraits of animated princesses adorning the walls. The unhappiness born from comparison makes our princess resort to harmful measures - ultimately sacrificing her life in exchange of preserving an illusion.  

I wanted to create a modern fable about the dangerous side of surface, a theme growing rapidly in a culture where manipulated photos are constantly presented as truth.  

To ground the project thematically in the notion of impossible appearances this entire film was shot using miniatures for the castle setting, then combining them with a live action actress shot against a green screen. The final step will be adding the hand-drawn animation to the princess’ body-horror transformation sequences, where she becomes partially animated herself. 

On this particular project I took on all of my usual roles, but this time I performed them all simultaneously (literally). I am the writer/director, the production designer, the miniature builder, the storyboard artist, and the lead actress. 


A pastiche inspired by everything I admire about French New Wave Cinema (and simultaneously hate about it- which creates a complexity I find intoxicating all over again). I chose to express these feelings around a city I have similarly circular feelings about (LA), and in a language I can barely speak (french). Yours truly plays "le fumer" in a meditation on coffee, cigarettes, LA traffic, death, and all things faux.  


An autobiographical portrait piece, originally made as an admissions essay to film school (which I was accepted to- so I'll count it as a success). I draw on the influences of Wes Anderson and Tim Burton in order to place myself as their counter, feminine midpoint. I portray myself as a cute little blonde skeleton to thematically demonstrate how identity is created by external factors and decisions. I built the puppet, built the sets, and animated the piece entirely myself because I felt it would be cheating if I let anyone help with literally anything. 


A music video made for the London based indie-pop group AM & Shawn Lee. In my take on the 'boy meets girl' narrative cliché our new lovers meet by sharing a certain morbid fascination... one that let me set their lo-fi love story alongside my favorite holiday (Halloween), and excuses my particular dark brand of humor.  It also left room for my passionate revival of practical, in camera special effects.