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Following the success of Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty’s Web, Keifer Art is developing a second classic literature-based board game, this time adapting Lewis Carroll's iconic "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." This game will pair the book's original victorian context with a late 1960s psychedelic aesthetic, to bridge the Victorian source material and the more contemporary pop-culture associations. Like Alice, this game is meant to be a mix of familiar things – all gone a bit mad. 

While this project is in development this page will be kept up-to-date with the most recent development art and prototype photography. 


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The first Keifer Art board game was unveiled at 2016 Comic-Con. After that, it was my job to create the product.

I wanted to maintain the integrity of the Sherlock Holmes intellectual brand, so I went back to Victorian design documents and photography. I drew inspiration from at least a dozen different Sherlock adaptations, because I wanted everyone to see my version as “correct.” These are portraits of iconic characters, locations and clues that still need to be modern and interesting enough to catch the eye of a causal buyer. 

In the end, I created 45 pieces of original water color artwork. 6 are currently available, the rest either sold or donated to charity auctions. 

I was also able to create the graphics that went into the final version of the game. These are practical pieces of design: the box art, the instruction booklet, and the game pieces themselves. 

The Kickstarter went live on September 1, 2016. I had the interesting challenge of directing a “trailer” for a board game. 

 The art continues to be one of the game’s major selling points. 

“The art for this game is fantastic. It’s muted watercolors, mostly in greys and browns, but there are hintsof other darker colors. And it creates this beautifully dark, almost occult feel for the game. Which is very Sherlock Holmes…. I Kickstarted it based purely on the aesthetic.” -The Co-Operatives Podcast 

“It combines the special awareness of Castles of Mad King Ludwig with deduction and problem solving that fits the theme to create something unique and beautiful.” -Jeff Beck for Trompet Games

“The artwork is absolutely gorgeous… Everything is done is sepia tones, black grey, and brown ink washes. Only the characters have a smidgen of color. Combined with the gorgeous typography and graphic design, this game just oozes Victorian English theme. The odd-shaped tiles and gorgeous artwork really make this an eye-catching game on the table. Artist Emily Keifer did an incredible job with this game.” -GJJ Games

Our Kickstarter raised 25 thousand dollars, more than enough to manufacture our first run. 

Today, Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty’s Web is available at Barnes & Noble and independent game stores across the US. We are very excited to announce our first Korean printing, which will be available in Southeast Asia in 2019.